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" Working woman, hyper active mum, tech-discovering human being, I believe the change can start from home. I am a recent supporter of crowdfunding, and I believe personal projects can make a change in Armenia. "

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By Tigran Basmadjian Technology in United States of America  (id:52) project id(137)

Learning Duduk App "
Playing duduk is difficult.My app offers to teach duduk in 10 weeks. Although regular practice will be needed, no more than 10 minutes a day will be enough for users to be able to play simple...

Not Funded
November 21, 2019
$10 Pledged
1 % Funded
By Ari Haroutiounian Food in Armenia  (id:315) project id(128)

Revisiting Armenian Pastries "
Anyone who has tasted a Baklava remembers the feel of it in the mouth as it melts and the rush that one feels after that first bite. I want to be able to get a chance to sell my refined Armenian...

April 04, 2019
$171 Pledged
114 % Funded
By Tigran Basmadjian Technology in Armenia  (id:52) project id(125)

Armenia Tourism App "
My goal is to create and app that will stimulate tourism in Armenia. I would like to help the tourism industry (from restaurants to hotels, from museums to car rentals, etc)

Not Funded
May 03, 2019
$56 Pledged
11 % Funded
By Vehanush Hovhannisyan Technology in Armenia  (id:82) project id(34)
For the past 3 years, Meghvik Youth Organization has offered training courses in the field of information technology. We now have two brand new classrooms where we teach Robotics, Photoshop and...

Not Funded
February 01, 2015
$175 Pledged
1 % Funded
By Anahit Galstyan Social in Armenia  (id:71) project id(21)

River Fest Armenia "
River Fest is a 2-day, 1 night festival on the 15th-16th August showcasing music & art in Armenia.

Not Funded
August 31, 2014
$60 Pledged
6 % Funded
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