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Your Project Description


Make it personal

Like for the video, making it personal is a must. Tell a story, your story.
Backers are just as motivated to support you as a person as they are to support your idea itself. Who talks about Van Gogh paintings without mentioning his life, his story, the artist himself?
Your aim is to make backers trust that you will create something amazing with their money. Tell your backers when you first came up with the idea. Were you listening to music on the radio when you realized your own music could be as great? Did you make a jacket for yourself that looked so good that your best friend asked you to make one for him too? Where does your inspiration come from? Let them know! Are you fighting against bigger players in your field? Well this is an opportunity! Tell your backers you can make a difference! Everyone loves success stories and being part of one.

Build trust

Telling your story also makes this connection we talked about: potential backers need to feel that they can trust you with their money, that once you’ve reached your goal, your project will succeed so they will receive their rewards.
The only way to gain their trust is for you to show them that you are going to do what it takes to make your project succeed!
By explaining your motivation you will motivate others. Did you do something similar in the past? Have you won awards in a field? Say it, show it, share links!
No publisher wants to publish your work? So what? Explain what you did before, what you’re doing now. Build trust!

Make it funny

You’ll see that most successful projects use humor. Because humor is the best ice breaker, it makes an instant connection, closing the distance between you and your viewers. Even one phrase, one expression, a self-deprecating joke can be a good way to help you build this connection with backers.

Basics that should appear in the description of your project

Who is creating the project? If several people are involved, say who they are and explain their roles (you can also show their faces in the video!)
Why is reaching your funding goal essential for the project? Once more, don’t look desperate. Simply explain how important it is for you to reach this goal.
Why have you decided to start this project?
Who do you think your project is aimed at? (Artists, art lovers, musicians, music fans, avid crime book readers, comics fans, anyone?) Explain who and why, and if you think your project can reach a wide audience, make sure you’re not too technical about your project.
Where is the project located?
What rewards will backers obtain? Why are your rewards great? Are you ready to ship worldwide? (This is advisable since your project will hopefully rally support from various countries)
When can backers expect to receive their rewards and why?
And make sure you anticipate most key questions and doubts. Of course backers can and will ask you questions on your update page (or even directly), but many of them won’t go that far as supporting another project is only one click away. In order to save backers time, foresee relevant questions and answer them in your description. This will only bring you closer to achieving your goal.


Should you use titles, paragraphs, sections?

Yes, you should. You’re free to choose your layout of course! However, we strongly recommend you do it “the newspaper way”. This means your titles should be bold and big, and your main title bigger still. That’s the first thing that will catch your reader’s attention and that’s where the decision to go further in the reading is made.
Words themselves should be catchy: your titles can be a summary of the main ideas you develop in the paragraph, or just an expression that will arouse your viewer’s curiosity!