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What is a project?


Ask yourself: what am I raising funds for?

Defining your project is your first step: a project is not a vague idea. A BoostBloom project has a clear beginning and ending with definable expectations to meet.
For example, recording a new short film, creating cool design chairs, are projects. Such projects end when your film is launched, when your chairs are created. These projects are clear, definable and finite.

Is my idea a BoostBloom project?

BoostBloom only accepts finite projects. With a well-defined goal, backers can easily form an opinion on your project’s goals and on your ability to complete these goals, while you know in advance where you’re putting your efforts into.
Your project’s success on BoostBloom depends on this mutual understanding, made of open exchanges and explanations of goals. Before you launch your project, it’s a good idea to share it around you, if only to make sure your project is clear. Sharing will also give you extra motivation! If you want to know more about sharing, check out our SHARING ADVICE.