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Promoting Your Project


If your project is outstanding, it will gather support from every corner of the web. But even for such projects, support starts from within your own networks. Take advantage of this! If you want people to back your project, tell them about it using as many ways as possible.


-Be personal, be creative, and… be fun!
Don’t spam. Sharing your link on other BoostBloom project pages is spam, indiscriminately sending tweets on Twitter is spam, sending links to unknown people on Facebook is also spam.
First, doing so is not effective, secondly it can even be counterproductive as it shows you’re desperate. Don’t forget that you’re not begging and that you’re offering an opportunity, an experience to backers.

-Be strategic:
Contact people individually, it makes a huge difference. Remember that friends and family are your first supporters and will usually be glad to bring you their boost.
Use their first name in your email, add a personal message and explain your project. Tell them you need their support and explain why, share your excitement and point out what they will get in return once they back your project. Once again, remember you’re not asking for help here. You’re offering something in return.
Your friends and family will often be the first to pledge! Share with them a link to your Boostbloom project and to your BoostBloom profile page, and gently ask them to share this link around! A nicely written reminder once in a while can also be a good idea and will never be a nuisance to your readers if you do it the right way.

-Share what’s going on with your project.
Post updates on your Boostbloom’s update page. This page is your own personal blog page and is a great way to communicate with your audience. (See Practice no 8 below for more about Updates).
Answer questions. While your project is live, people will contact you to ask for information about your project. Their questions may vary from delivery dates to specific technicalities. We recommend you answer them PROMPTLY and publicly through a project update and through your own Project FAQ in case other backers or potential backers are wondering the same. Transparency is vital on Boostbloom and essential for the success of your project.

-Write on your Facebook page, use or create a Twitter account to grab everyone’s attention.
Remember, don’t overdo it, but every time you reach a milestone in your project, make sure you let your networks and your fans know about it! For more on how to make your project known, check out our Sharing advice!

On field

People will feel your passion when you describe your project and will spread the word! Seize every opportunity: if you’re not shy online, why would you be in the real world?
Be creative! Why not ask your family and friends to click like, +1, or make them tweet from their laptops or from their smartphones all at once when your project is launched! That could be cool!
Why not throw a party for your project? Possibilities are endless! If your project is about music, why not reward the guest who shares the most pictures of your party with a credit in your album leaflet when your cd is out?
If it's an item you’re making, why not take a fun picture of every guest posing with the product? It’s quite likely your friends will love sharing that with their social networks, giving exposure to your project and reaching a broader audience! All this in a fun way for everyone!

Talk about your BoostBloom project

Get in touch with local newspapers, TV, and radio stations and explain what your project is all about. Don’t be shy! Get back online and contact bloggers to share what you’re doing. Those who write about the field your project belongs to can be of tremendous help. Remember what we said about how important your story is for the success of your project? Well, this is the time to share your story once more. Bloggers and writers love real stories to talk about! For more, check out our SHARING ADVICE!