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Project Updates


Project updates serve as your project’s blog. These updates give you freedom and flexibility to interact with backers, share your progress, show your achievements and the obstacles you’re dealing with. This page is yours and you can use whatever media you want in order to communicate your message. Use it and abuse it.
Backers will always be pleased to be informed about your project. After all, they are the ones supporting you!

Where can you post updates?

On home page (if you’re not sure to be on home page, click on “Boostbloom” on top left of the screen, you will be redirected), click on “me” and choose “all my projects”. The new screen will show you all the projects you have created. Just scroll down to the project you want to post an update about and click “Project update” (note: you will see the “project update” link only on a launched project).
A new window will appear allowing you to post updates!
Every time you post an update, backers automatically receive an email informing them about it. They also receive a directly notification on Boostbloom. Updates also appear on your project page and Boostbloom’s main Blog for everyone to see. This is a very powerful tool.

How to use update during the funding of your project?

The best way to use updates is to talk about stories related to your project. Maybe not about every single detail, but sharing the fun things that happen to you daily or while working on your project are good ways of keeping your audience hooked.
Using updates to ask for pledges is not a good idea. Instead, think of updates as an open book you’re writing for every viewer to discover. Why not let your audience know about the progress of your short film by writing on your updates page “we have chosen the setting for the final scene!”? Uploading a picture of the chosen location could be a good idea too!
What about updating your backers with this: “we have received red wood to start our design desk!” and show what the wood looks like before you work your magic on it!
All of these are interesting ways to keep your backers engaged!

How to use updates once your project is successful?

Well, it’s up to you. But thanking everyone that made your project possible is a good start, and backers will surely appreciate.
A word on rewards and on delivery dates may also be useful. This will keep expectations high and show that your motivation is still on top.
The story of your project is not over after your rewards are shipped out. Your backers have been supporting you! Sharing your success is the best part! Show reviews of your project, share what the press and the online community said about it, attach pictures! Tell the world what your thoughts were, explain what you went through as you were working on the project, and show how you finally made it! In short, keep everyone engaged!
Asking backers for their opinions can also be useful! It can help you come up with great ideas for your future projects.