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Building Your Project


Don’t hurry but don’t try to make it perfect.

Talking about your idea to friends is a good way to make sure you’re ready. Are you comfortable with answering their questions? If not, it may be too soon to ask backers for their money. Spend some time fine-tuning your project. A couple of days of reflection can make a huge difference, but when you’re ready, don’t hesitate!

Choosing a title for your project

Once again put yourself in a backer’s shoes and make your BoostBloom project title specific, easy to tweet and to remember.
As a rule of thumb, do not use generic words like "help," "support," "fund" or “assist”, in your project title. You’re not here to ask someone for a favor. You’re offering them a unique experience they’ll love. In addition, using such words will make it more difficult for your project to be found by name.
If you’re raising funds for an album, a book…, make sure you include your album or book title in your Boostbloom’s project title. For example, if your band is called “Slow Rush” and the album you want to record is titled “Leafless”, your BoostBloom project title could be something like “Slow Rush record their first LP, Leafless”. This project title is more catchy than “help me make my album “and will make your project easily findable by backers.

Choosing an image for your project

Your project image is what will appear on BoostBloom and on the rest of the web. Like before, choose a picture that’s specific to your project, descriptive and that looks pretty!

Writing your short description

This short text appears in your project’s widget and right under your project image throughout the site. Some would call that an elevator pitch but it would be far too long; we’d call this a hand shaking pitch. What would you say to describe your project to someone you’re shaking hands with? How would you do it?
The goal here is to quickly tell your audience what your project is about. Like in your video, stay focused and make sure your few words clearly describe what your project hopes to accomplish.

Writing your bio

This is your opportunity to gain trust from backers. Tell them who you are, why you chose to start this project, share with them links to your prior works. In short, share, communicate, and be transparent. Trust us, backers will appreciate.

Choosing your project location

You do not need to live in Armenia to post a project, but your project needs to be related to Armenia or Armenians.  This is why there are two different locations on Boostbloom: your own location (often your country of residence) and the location of your project (the country where you will develop your project). You can be more specific about your project location in in the story section of the project creation pages.