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Creators Questions



How does a project make it onto the homepage?

Our editorial team selects projects from Staff Picks to include in the homepage rotation. From that homepage rotation, we choose a single project to feature as our Project of the Day. We put a lot of care into selecting projects, focusing on the same qualities we do for Staff Picks. Because the homepage is the first thing people see , we aim to have it populated with projects that are excellent examples of what a BoostBloom project can be. The homepage also features projects in your country and popular projects. These projects aren't selected by staff.

Since popularity doesn’t necessarily depend on the amount of money raised by a project, the popular section (in the Discover Projects section) displays the projects that have received the highest number of backers.

Where can I find my project on BoostBloom?

Every project that launches on BoostBloom can be found in the Recently Launched section, showing after clicking on "Discover Great Projects" from homepage. Your project will also pop up in the Popular section if it attracts lots of backers, and will be visible in the Currently Funding section of your country. Lots of people who come to BoostBloom browse around and look for projects, but keep in mind that when it comes to getting new backers, getting the word out through your own networks is the most effective. Most of the people who back your project will be friends, friends of friends, or fans of the work you do.


Project Media

How do I put my video on Boostbloom?

Go to your Youtube video on Youtube, right click on it and choose "Copy Video url". Now back on Boostbloom, click "insert video' in the text editor of the story tab where you start your project, and paste the Youtube url code code in the dedicated space "source".

That's it, now the world can see your project on Boostbloom.

Any tips for shooting great videos?

Videos make projects infinitely more compelling, and you don’t have to be a video expert to make a good one. Simply be personal and talk about your project. Put yourself in front of the camera for at least a moment so that people know who you are; making that personal connection is key. Show people examples of your work and use any fun visuals you can think of. No matter how bare-bones or creative you want to get, don't forget the basics:

1. Introduce yourself

2. Tell your story

3. Ask for people's support (i.e., their money...)

4. Tell people what they'll get for their money (i.e., your rewards)

5. Say thank you! There are a million different ways to tell your story. Have fun with it! You can spend days shooting and editing, or you can just knock one out with a couple friends on a Saturday. It doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be you. For more tips on making your video, visit BoostBloom Help.

What's the allowed file size for images?

Images must be 10MB or less, and one of the following file types: JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP

Can I embed media?

Yes, you can embed images and videos in your project description (e.g., from Youtube, Vimeo).


Project Updates & FAQ

What are Project Updates?

Project creators use updates to keep their backers informed on the development of the project. Some creators may post ten updates a day, others may do it rarely, but it's the best way to keep backers informed of a project's developments. Think of your updates as your project’s blog where you share your progress, and thank your backers while keeping your audience informed and excited. Meaningful updates also help you keep your momentum and stay motivated as you receive backers’ comments along the way.

How should Project Updates be used?

Project Updates can transform projects from simple funding efforts to stories that backers (and other spectators) will eagerly follow. Let backers and spectators be flies on the wall as you make decisions and pursue your goal.

How will my backers know I posted a Project Update?

Updates are directly emailed to backers when the Update is posted.

How to post a Project Update?

On homepage (if you’re not sure to be on homepage, click on the Boostbloom logo on top left of the screen , you will be redirected), click on “me” and choose “all my projects”. The new screen will show you all the projects you have created. Scroll down to the project you want to post an update about and click on the link “project update” (note that you will see the “project update” link only after you launched your project). A new window will appear allowing you to post updates!

Why should I use Project Updates?

Project Updates transform projects from funding efforts to real-time stories that backers can follow and be a part of. Show the efforts you’re making, the fun you’re having, and your updates (and your projects) will be followed even more intensely! If you want tips about making your project more known, visit our “Sharing tips”.

How to create a Project Faq?

On homepage (if you’re not sure to be on homepage, click on the Boostbloom logo on top left of the screen , you will be redirected), click on “me” and choose “all my projects”. The new screen will show you all the projects you have created. Scroll down to the project you want to post a FAQ about and click “Project faq” (note: you will see this link only on after you launched your project). A new window will appear allowing you to post your own personal FAQ!

Why post a FAQ?

This is a good way to answer the most obvious questions! This is also a time-saver when a question is raised several times, to answer it once for all.


Before your project is live

Can Boostbloom be used to fund anything?

We try to cover as many creative fields as possible for your projects: Art, Comics, Dance, Design, Fashion, Film, Food, Games, Music, Photography, Publishing, Technology, Theater and Social. Projects have a definite goal, like making an album, a book, a work of art, building a house for needy kids. A project will eventually be completed and something will be produced by it. Boostbloom allows charity, but just like other projects charity projects need to follow our Guidelines. This means for instance that such projects - like any others - must offer a reward to their backers. These projects belong to the category “Social”.

Can I run a project as a nonprofit?

Nonprofit organizations can run projects on Boostbloom. Make sure that your project meets our project Guidelines and that you offer rewards to your backers like any other projects.

Is there a check list to go through before I launch my project?

Before launching, it’s probably a good idea to: — Make a detailed budget of the project costs. This step is essential to set the funding goal of your project. — Check other Boostbloom projects, especially Staff Picks. — Share with friends to receive feedbacks on your project and on the rewards you plan to offer. — Create a timeline for your project, if only to make sure you can set the best Estimated Delivery Date possible for your rewards — Check Boostbloom Best Practices for advice and tips — Have a plan on how to spread the word about your project (see below)

How can I spread the word about my project?

Before your project is live, you can share your project with friends, collaborators or family. This can be helpful and reassuring. For more tips about making your projects known, check out our sharing tips (Best practices #6) and our special advice on sharing.

Does Boostbloom select projects before launch?

Yes, we do. Projects must fall within the scope of our Categories’ list, offer (awesome!) rewards, and be related to Armenia or Armenians. Backers are also required to have a PayPal account and be over 18 years old.

How does the project review process work?

After going through the project creation process, your project will be submitted to Boostbloom for review. The review is simply a quick check to make sure your project follows our Project Guidelines. After it, your project will either be approved or declined, or we may need to ask you a few questions in case we need some clarification. You will receive an email to be notified of the process. But if we declined your project, maybe we got it wrong! Don’t hesitate to email us we’ll be glad to read your comments and re-review your project.

What percentage of submitted projects is accepted?

Percentages vary. More and more quality projects are being submitted. 80% of submitted projects are successfully funded. 20% of projects are declined because they do not meet our Project Guidelines.

Can projects raise more money than their goal?

Yes! Projects continue to accept pledges until their funding deadline, even if you have already reached your funding goal. Note that there is no option to end a project before the deadline.

Can I run more than one project at once?

Yes, if you can handle it. But keep in mind that achieving a project requires a lot of work so we usually advise you focus on the most advanced project before launching a new one.

How do I know someone won't steal my idea?

Boostbloom is collaborative by definition –you are trying to get money for a project in exchange for a reward-. If you are reluctant to share information about you or your project with the world, then Boostbloom probably isn’t for you

I'm working on my project with others. Can we all be listed as the project creator?

On Boostbloom, each project is linked to only one account. However, you may specify the names of your team-mates in your bio!

How long does a project remain on Boostbloom?

Even if you decide to cancel it or if it’s unsuccessful, your project will remain on the site for future reference and transparency. Please note that deactivating your Boostbloom account will not delete your project. However, unsuccessful projects will never appear in Search engine results.


How to create your project on Boostbloom

How do I start a project?

Click the “Start Your Project” button on the Home Page and follow the process.

What information should appear on your project page?

After visiting your project page backers should have a clear idea of: — What you are trying to do — How you will do it — What the funds will be used for — Your qualifications and credentials to achieve this project — The identities of the people on your team (if you have one) — How far along your project is The more transparent you are, the more trust you will build.

Is a video required to launch? How do I make a good one?

Projects with a video succeed at a much higher rate that’s why it’s best to include one. Record it, upload it to YouTube, and then share it on Boostbloom. Simple! Visit Boostbloom Best Practices for tips on how to make a great video.

Can I use copyrighted material as part of my project?

No! Don't use music, images, video, or other content that you don't own or don’t have permission to use. If you can’t create all the content yourself, you can still use content that is free for public use. Search for Creative Commons-licensed music and you’ll find plenty of cool options!


Rewards and Delivery

How does the reward system work?

Backers support projects in exchange for rewards. When and only if a project reaches its goal, money from backers is transferred to creators. In return, creators deliver the rewards chosen by each and every backer.

What can be offered as a reward?

You can have amazing success if you reward backers with something they actually want. That’s why rewards should preferably consist of things/experiences produced by your project itself: a copy of the CD, a print from the show, a limited edition of the comic. Some projects offer creative experiences such as a visit to the set, a phone call from the creator, naming a character after a backer… Come up with a unique and fun idea that will involve backers in the creative process and you’ll surely be amazed with the feedbacks you’ll receive! Rewards can be priced at your choice but always remain realistic! For more tips on creating rewards, visit our Best Practices area.

What about rewards for nonprofit organizations?

Now, as a nonprofit organization, you may not have access to products/gifts to reward your backers. That’s okay! Your rewards don’t need to be tangible items…They can simply be creative ways of saying ‘Thank You’ It could be for example a hand-written thank you note, a short video message, a dinner, a personal message to your backers! They would surely appreciate. For more tips on creating rewards, visit our Best Practices area.

Is there a way to limit the quantity of a reward?

Yes! When building your project, you’ll see an option where you can select "Limit # available." Let’s take an example: you wish to offer 20 limited editions of your comic for your Reward Category 1. Well you may limit the reward to 20 by typing 20 in the “Limit # available” box. As soon as 20 people have chosen your Reward Category 1, backers won't be able to select it any longer and will have to choose among the other rewards you’re offering.

What does estimated delivery date mean?

The estimated delivery date of a reward is the date you, as a creator, expect to deliver that reward to backers. If you're offering more than one article in a single reward category, then you should set your estimated delivery date to when you expect everything in the reward category to be delivered. If you're not sure of the estimated delivery date for a reward, try to create a timeline for your project and then decide on a delivery date that you feel you can meet. It’s better to deliver on time than to promise too much.

How do I charge shipping on my reward?

In general, the cost of delivering rewards (postage, envelopes, etc.) to your backers should be taken into account when you set your goal and price your rewards. Remember that unless you specify otherwise in your rewards description, your backers can pledge from anywhere in the world. That’s cool but it also means paying extra postage to send rewards overseas. Take shipping costs into consideration when setting the price of your rewards!

I don't want to ship internationally. How do I limit reward shipping?

You can write in your project description “Shipping within Armenia only”. But remember that doing so will limit the number of potential backers, therefore invariably decreasing your chances of seeing your project successfully funded.


Your responsibilities

What is my responsibility for answering questions from backers and non-backers?

While your project is live, people will contact you to ask for information about your project. Their questions may vary from delivery dates to specific technicalities. We recommend you answer them PROMPTLY and publicly through a project update and through your own Project FAQ in case other backers or potential backers are wondering the same. Transparency is vital on Boostbloom and essential for the success of your project.

Can I change the estimated delivery date for my reward?

You may only change the estimated delivery date on your Edit Project page as long as no backers have selected/picked that reward category. If backers have already selected it, you cannot change the delivery date but you should inform them about the new estimated delivery date by posting an update to your project (you can only post updates after project launch).

If I feel I’m going to be unable to complete my project as promised, what should I do?

To avoid problems, don't over-promise when creating your project and if obstacles arise along the way, communicate, with your backers and inform them of the issues you’re facing. Most of the time you’ll see that they’ll be ready to wait a bit longer for their rewards if only you tell them why. Canceling funding decreases trust between you and your backers, and between backers and Boostbloom. That’s why you should truly reflect before launching a project and make sure that you are ready for what launching a project implies If you feel you do not have other choice, you can use the “contact us” form down the homepage and choose the appropriate section to request for a cancelation of your project. Make sure you are logged in or you will not be able to send us the canceling request. When funding is canceled, all pledges are immediately voided.

Can my project be suspended?

Yes if you: -violate or do not act with the letter or spirit of our Guidelines and Terms of Use - change the stated use of funds -make too-good-to-be-true claims -engage in a fraudulent activity

What happens when a project is suspended?

Funding for the project is stopped and all pledges are canceled. Both the project’s creator and backers are notified via email. Suspension is irreversible and the project creator is notified of the reason why their project was suspended.

What happens when my project is successfully funded?

If funding succeeds, we will either credit your PayPal account if you have one or transfer the funds on your Bank account (additional fees may apply). If your project is successfully funded, you must fulfill all rewards or refund any backer whose reward you do not or cannot fulfill. A failure to do so could result in damage to your reputation or legal action by your backers.


After your project ends

Can I edit my project after funding is completed?

No. Project remain the way they are when the funding period is over. But you are encouraged to post project updates to add new information to the project's development, attract new fans to your work and keep your backers informed of the reward delivery process.

Can I retry my project if funding is unsuccessful?

Yes. You can always launch your project again but we recommend you set a new goal and offer more motivating rewards. Note that you’ll need to follow the project creation process from the beginning.

How can I get my backers' information (mailing address, T-shirt size, etc.) to fulfill rewards?

After your project has been successfully funded, you’ll be able to ask your backers what you need to deliver their rewards (mailing addresses, T-shirt sizes, etc). For this, a “Reward Survey” tab will appear on your project page and will allow you to send a survey/message to all your backers or to specific ones depending on the rewards they chose. This means you don’t need to worry about asking your backers info before then end of the funding period. You as a project creator can send more than one survey but you cannot edit or delete a survey that has already been posted. Once the mails are sent to all backers they can reply or communicate with you via emails.

What should I do if I’m having problems completing my project?

Creators facing problems are expected to post a project update (which is emailed to all backers) describing the obstacles. Once again being transparent and open is essential: backers will be more lenient when they know what you’re going through and will show appreciation for being informed. Avoiding communication will only discredit your project and show little consideration to the community that supports you. Regular communication is a must. If the problems are so severe that you, as the creator, can't fulfill your project, you have to find a resolution that is convenient to everyone. This can be a refund, or other actions that will satisfy your backers.

What do I do if I feel I’m going to miss my Estimated Delivery Date?

If you feel you ‘re going to miss the Estimated Delivery Date of your backers’ rewards because of unexpected setbacks or obstacles, you have to post a project update explaining the situation to your backers. Being transparent is essential: backers will be more patient if they know why you’re late and will appreciate being informed. Avoiding communication will only discredit your project and show little consideration to the community that supported you.

Are projects that were not successfully funded visible on Boostbloom?

Boostbloom doesn't have a browse area for unsuccessful projects. Such projects are accessible through Boostbloom search and the profile pages of the project's creator and backers. When users click on a creator's profile they can see all of the creator's past projects — successfully and unsuccessfully funded. In terms of external search (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.), unsuccessfully funded projects don't show up in those search results. This means your name will never be associated in search engine results with an unsuccessfully funded project.