What Is BoostBloom?

The First Armenian Crowdfunding Website!

BoostBloom is a crowdfunding platform aimed at Armenians living inside or outside Armenia.

Backers do not "invest" in Boostbloom projects to make money; they "back" projects in exchange for an exciting reward. This type of support has proven to be far more effective that simply giving money.

Beauty of Crowdfunding is that it creates a special relationship between crowdfunders and the project creators. Armenians inside Armenia and outside Armenia especially need that type of support implying direct involvement in the process and motivation to reach a goal.


On BoostBloom, project creators are located anywhere in the world...

...but projects have ties with Armenia. This means a project creator can be an Armenian living in Armenia, or an Armenian from the diaspora located anywhere in the world. You can even be an Armenian at heart trying to create a project that will help Armenians.


From movie making to music, book writing to charity, independent films to music, BoostBloom covers a variety of project categories

for which  creativity is essential. Begin now, browse projects or start your own project!