Meet Our Team

Who we are and why we are here!

The Boostbloom Team


Vahe JC Fermandjian


Vahe was born in France where he grew up and studied Law and Finance. Working in several countries, he has built contacts and friendships all around the world. He is restless and his passion for IT together with his Armenian heritage led him to Boostbloom.


"Throughout History, Armenians have proved to be a creative people. Boostbloom is simply the propeller that promotes great ideas and turns them into tangible realities".


    Aida Irastorza


 Aida was born in Barcelona from an Armenian dad. She provided support for various NGOs in the Philippines and in North Africa. She also provided help to children in need in Switzerland. Passionate about micro financing and convinced that key changes can start from everyone’s own motivation, she co-founded with Vahe Fermandjian, the first crowdfunding platform for Armenians, that launched in Gyumry in 2015. Not only is she active in new technologies, but she also pursues studies in languages at a high level. “For me, seeing a project reach its goal is the ultimate satisfaction. I think Armenians do not believe in themselves enough.”


Boostbloom is here to help Armenians make their projects come to life. “Just believe in yourself, other people will believe in you" is my motto.