Guidelines For Your Armenian Crowdfunding Project


Guidelines for your Armenian Crowdfunding Project


Boostbloom is a crowdfunding platform for projects where creativity is a must. For us the only requirement is that this project is related to Armenia, whether through your nationality or origins, or just because you feel Armenian at heart.

Also if you are trying to create a project that will benefit Armenia or Armenians, this is the place to be!


1/What is a project?

Your project is an idea with a clear goal, like writing a book, creating a work of art, assembling a new 4x4 wheelchair or building a soccer field for kids. Only YOU know. So if you have a goal that adds value to the community in any way, this is the place to be. But remember, your project needs a clear objective. Starting a business may be your project but it is not a project for Boostbloom.


2/Projects must fit Boostbloom’s categories

We try to cover all the fields where creativity plays a role. Your project can be in the worlds of Art, Dance, Fashion, Film, Food, Games, Music, Photography, Publishing, Technology, and Theater. Even Charity, because there are always new, cool and creative ways of helping others.


3/Prohibited uses

A project will not be accepted if your idea is to raise money for your vacation or to buy a new camera. But if you can do cool things with your camera and need money to create your artwork, we’ll be happy to help you with your project.


4/Quality rewards make the difference

You can create a project for charity, but this is not a charity website.

This implies that people who support your project need something in return. Your backers can perfectly choose not to receive a reward. But usually the better the reward the more backers you will get, hence the more likely your project will reach its goal. So carefully choose what reward you will give, put yourself in a backer’s shoes and ask yourself: what would backers like to receive in exchange for their support?