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Crowdfunding Tip #3: SEGMENT FUNDERS
September 05, 2014– 0 Comments


... and get your core community to donate early on!!

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The odds for campaigns successfully reaching their goals are TEN TIMES HIGHER once they have reached about half of their funding goal.

To understand this and maximise the number of people that will contribute to your project two factors are important to consider. 

 One is that many people may only look at your pitch once so you want to ensure you maximise the likelihood of them funding when they come to your pitch.

 Two, the more you have already raised the more likely someone is to contribute. Keeping these points in mind it is important to segment your potential funders into groups of how likely they are to invest and try to bring those less likely to invest to the pitch when you already have significant amounts of capital raised.

A useful approach is to encourage friends and family and other core backers that have been reached through the pre-launch to donate in the first days of your campaign, create momentum and get it towards 50 per cent which will help convince potential new backers of the increased likelihood of success.




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